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Raw Paws Pantry Team

Hello, we are Lynn & Sarah.

We got into the yeasty dog game by being part of the Westie Advice Group and between us we have rescued and fostered many Westies and Cavalier King Charles spaniels over the years, but mainly Westies with terrible skin problems and have helped many people with advice over Facebook.


We at Raw Paws Pantry are not Veterinarians or Dermatologists; we are just 2 ladies who throughout the years of dealing with Westies with yeasty skin, have found a formula for feeding, washing and creaming with natural products that seems to work.

Everything we use is natural and treated many dogs over the years in conjunction with our vets and their approval.

All the information quoted on this website is from articles researched and reviewed by professionals and is written on open internet sites for public information. However, they are not intended to be a substitute for diagnoses or treatment. This can only come from a veterinarian or other qualified canine healthcare professional.

Raw Paws Pantry, Sarah Wells and Lynn Broomfield do not assume any legal responsibility for misuse of any information on this site intended to be educational only.

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