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BoBS Story

Bob suffered from a severe yeast infection which hugely affected his skin and fur...

Before Bobs Treatment

During Treatment

After Treatment

Hello!  My name is BoB Broomfield and I am 13 years young and I came to live with Sammy Westie and Poppy Yorkie on the 4th March 2014.

I was really not very well; I had been given lots of that dried stuff to eat and it made me so itchy and my skin so sore and this had been happening all my life!  My old owner had me from a pup and all my life I had been to the vets on some tablets called steroids and then antibiotics.  Well, these worked for a while then I was back to square one!  Anyway, my owner left me with a friend ‘Aunty Wendy’, who I really liked and she also tried to get me better but it wasn’t working, 4 months in and I was no better.  My old owner didn’t want me anymore so Aunty Wendy went onto something called Facebook and got in touch with some very nice ladies at Rescue A Westie UK.  Well, next day I’m in the car with my mates and I’m travelling to what is now my new home, this is when I met Sammy Westie (7) and Poppy (9).

Then it happened!!  I was bathed daily for 2 weeks and then every other day, then every 3rd day…..I spent so much time in the bath I thought I was turning into a duck!  Although I had to endure the dreaded bath, it did make my skin feel so much better and then I had some magic cream rubbed in and it felt AMAZING!!!

For the first time in years I started to get my coat back and I started to feel so much better!

And…..let me tell you about the food….it’s like a 5* hotel!!!

The food here is just great, I have a chicken wing or chicken neck for breakfast which I’m told is good for my teeth and then for my tea I have some lovely food.  Its real meat and veg with a spoon full of coconut oil and a splash of salmon oil.  I feel like I’m 5 years old again and its great being able to play with tennis balls and chasing bubbles…and of course….barking at anyone that passes the window.  I’m just trying to tell everyone how great I feel and they should all try the fabulous food!!  

Here’s a short note from the nice lady who I now own! (Lynn Broomfield)

BoB had been fed Nutriment and every couple of days a sardine added, plus a natural wormer called Diatomaceous Earth, a spoon of bionic biotic and a teaspoon on coconut oil.

He was bathed with Pet Nat Dermacton soap bar and Dermacton cream.  This product does not contain any steroids or any kind of any petroleum ingredients and only contains high quality natural ingredients.

Bob has been treated with no medication from the vets and has been treated naturally with the full agreement from my vet Dermatologist.

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