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Why Our Vets Don't Always Understand Yeast!

Our vets here in the UK are some of the best in the world. So, I hear you asking, why haven't they been able to cure my dog from this yeast thing?

Vet training takes a very long time, it's more time than it takes to train a Doctor and just as difficult as they have so many different types of animals from dairy cows, small furry domestic animals to zoo animals and everything in-between! We expect them to know everything! Well, something has to give in training and it's dog and cat nutrition. They do get training, but it's not much and it's from one of the big pet food manufacturers, they are not trained about biological appropriate raw food.


Willow After Treatment

Bob After Treatment


You might come across a vet that at the mention of raw feeding they blow a gasket! Please don't be mad at them, it's just a flaw in their training! Most vets are fabulous and are open to new ideas and if they can see it working are happy to assist you in your goal to get a happy, healthy dog.

On the raw food sites, of which there are many, we have had trainee vets asking us about dog nutrition and explaining that they get very little training in this subject and could we help? Of course we did and hopefully there will be a few new vets clued up on such an important issue.

It is our personal goal from this venture to get into branch level training of vets with an ultimate goal of educating at Veterinary Universities.

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