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Yeasty Skin

How to spot yeasty skin?

Yeast is a spore like form of fungi that we have all round us on our skin and when our immune systems are in good working order we have a good balance.

Dogs work just the same, like us they need a balanced immune system for everything to work well.

An under-active or overactive immune system can lead to an overgrowth of yeast.  

An overactive immune system is where dogs suffer with allergies. This can also lead to problems with yeast, traditionally vets who see a dog with allergies prescribe steroids, this improves the symptoms but doesn't fix the problem. The dogs immune system then gets compromised and it can't do its job of regulating the balance and your dog ends up with a huge amount of extra yeast.

Yeasty skins is not just the plague of Westies if affects many types of dogs from the big to the tiny. The skin is the largest organ on the body of both humans and dogs and all can be effected at sometimes in our lives.

We are not vets or dermatologists and we would not be without either of them to work alongside. A yeasty skin can be secondary to something more sinister and that's where our vets and dermatologists come in to do there bit.

There is a saying that "you're as fit as a butcher's dog" and it's true!

Dogs that were owned by butchers were the fittest, healthiest dogs around they were fed on scraps of raw meat and chunks of bone. We discovered Raw Feeding when my friend Sue's sister rescued a Westie called Barky Charlie. He had a few issues let's say. So they called in a behaviorist to sort him out and the first thing he said was change his diet and it will calm him down.

They transferred all the dog diets onto RAW and the changes were phenomenal. Sue also has Merlin who had a terrible skin problem from a lifetime of bad food and steroids and he started to get better. I took on the challenge of Willow who was bright red from nose to tail with no fur and skin like an elephant and with Sues help and advice, lots of research and 5 months later, Willow was a transformed dog. Merlin still suffers a little when the pollens are out every year but his environmental allergies are manageable with regular bathing.

So this is how it all started for us and now hopefully we can help you.


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