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Wow! That’s all I can say! I started my dog on a raw diet just over three weeks ago and the results are amazing. I had fed bakers (I know the worst thing possible), but now Mitzy is amazing! She now loves her walks, is full of energy just like a young dog should be and she is so much more enjoyable. I didn’t realise how poorly I was making my dog through her diet. Also she had severe hotspots which I had been to the vets and they had given her steroids and antibiotics which in turn made it a whole lot worse and the amazing Lynn at Raw Paws told me to use Manuka honey and sea salt, which too be honest I didn’t expect to have the results which I did after only one application. The redness and soreness had totally gone and now two weeks later the fur is growing back and Mitzys skin is amazing. The ladies at Raw Paws Pantry are so amazing, friendly and so helpful I can’t thank them enough. I love their shop and their variety of different products. Not only have they changed Mitzys life for the better also mine as I have a happy little girl!

I cannot praise Raw Paws Pantry highly enough. My Westie’s skin was red, sore and obviously causing him discomfort as he was scratching constantly. I spoke to Lynn and Sarah who talked me through what to do when switching him over to a raw diet. I was quite reluctant to start with as I wasn’t convinced changing his diet would help his skin – how wrong I was!! After just under a week, his skin is clearing, his ear infection is getting better and he barely scratches plus he LOVES his new food! Please do not hesitate to buy your Nutriment raw food from these ladies as they are fab & have a wealth of knowledge plus they are very friendly & willing to help. Their website has some fantastic tips & helpful advice too.

I would absolutely recommend Raw Paws Pantry. When I first started feeding RAW, Lynn was a fountain of knowledge and advised me on all aspects of feeding (and still does if needed). Although Angus (Westie 10) has never had any skin problems, his fur is so much better and him and his brother Mac wolf their food down. Such a fab and friendly service too. Can't speak highly enough of them.

Thanks for all the help you gave me with Billy . He has gone from strength to strength. His change in food and also his creams.

Hello Lynn, Ann is writing this for me as I can’t reach her keyboard, but I just want to tell you my story. I am a 12 year old Westie, in June this year I was a very poorly boy, the humans had done everything they could to make me better, but steroids and home cooked pure food wasn't even helping. I was itchy from head to tail, terrible skin eruptions all over my body, green discharge from my ear and eye, and hungry all the time. Then by chance they spoke to Lynn Broomfield who kindly gave us some excellent advice, she said to wean me off the steroids as they were not helping at all, to put me on a raw food only diet and sooth my skin with Dermacton products like Shampoo bar, cream, itchy ear drops and itchy skin spray.........well 3 months later and I am a new man, no scabs, no itch, ears better and eye clear, I am still de-toxing a bit but am definitely over the worst, and it’s all down to the fact that I am eating as near to nature as I can (i don’t fancy having to catch my own as I am 12 now and getting a bit of a lazy old man). To sum up, have faith in this Nutriment diet, it really works, lots of love and thank you Lynn, from a very contented George, and a very happy owner, Ann x

We got our Westie boy Harry a year ago he is 9 now when we picked him up he was in need of a good bath and groom and his right ear smelt like it was rotting it was awful. His previous owners fed him cheap supermarket dry complete kibble, this went in the bin straight away, his wind was awful too!! So we booked him in at the vets got his ear sorted with a course of steroids and booked in for a good groom, changed his diet to what our other Westie ate which was nature diet as was well. So cutting a long story short (ish)!!, he started chewing his feet and his ear went bad again so I started searching online and on Facebook for Westie groups and info. This is when we found you guys and found out about the barf diet and nutriment after loads of useful advice and information from Lynn. We ordered his food I can't believe the difference in him, his coat and skin are amazing, his ear is almost clear, his weird smell he had has gone and he has such a loving nature now, he loves cuddles whereas before he wouldn't really bother as it seemed uncomfortable for him, I really can't believe just by changing his food has made a massive difference to him if only everyone believed it and stopped feeding the processed rubbish available but I think it's all education as I thought we were feeding good food with nature diet. I can't thank you enough for all the advice you have given me and it really has helped Harry so much!

Thank you for all your help and advice, Barney and Gertie loved you all especially BoB, Sammy and Poppy.

Fantastic service, friendly and very helpful staff. Would recommend to everyone.

Really helpful and knowledgeable! Highly recommended x

Brilliant suppliers..very good customer service

Absolutely fantastic service! Lynn is amazing and a wealth of advice. She really took the time to listen to my worries and offer advice and products that may help. I honestly can’t recommend Raw Paws Pantry enough! Super-fast delivery too, which is always a bonus. A big thank you from Skip too!

So pleased to find a reliable friendly local supplier!

Just started my pup on Nutriment raw and she loves it. She went off the tinned I was feeding her so it was an ideal time to switch. No issues with switching, Raw Paws Pantry have been great.

Great selection of raw and health supplement foods. Added bonus is it’s LOCAL!!
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